• Hopetech

    "Soft" double precision floating point support
    Organization: X.Org Foundation
    For decades CPUs did not have hardware floating point support. Floating point was implemented using using bit twiddling operations and integer math....
  • Nimmy

    1 Krita Canvas Decorations Compatible with Modern OpenGL
    Organization: KDE
    I aim to seek out the reliance on legacy functionality in the engine that powers the QPainter class and to convert this functionality to ...
  • rvolosatovs

    [Browsix] Init system
    Organization: PLASMA-UMass
    Most of the modern web applications require a remote server hosting microservices. Browsix lets the developer, among all the other things, get rid of...
  • Gábor Horváth

    [FLINK-3599] Code Generation in Serializers and Comparators of Apache Flink
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The current implementation of the serializers can be a performance bottleneck in some scenarios. These performance problems were also reported on the...
  • Teodor Ciuraru

    [Malaria - iOS] Malaria Prevention iOS App
    Organization: Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
    Malaria Prevention is a Swift application that will aid the Peace Corps volunteers in Africa defend against the Malaria disease. I am responsible...
  • saksham1115

    [MediaGoblin] Subtitle Interface along with keyboard hotkeys for video player
    Organization: GNU Project
    Building a subtitle interface for the current video player. Popular formats of the subtitles would be supported along with multiple...
  • Clemens Brunner

    [MITMProxy] Clemens Brunner
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    MITMproxy is a console tool that allows interactive examination and modification of HTTP traffic. The aim of this project is to improve the...
  • Lakini Senanayaka

    [ML]Visual(Deep) Neural Network Builder
    Organization: WSO2
    From Visual(Deep) Neural Network Builder, users can drag and drop layers and other computational units and they can create neural networks as they...
  • Izabela Cardoso

    [PCSA-Android] Collaborative Map of Risk Areas
    Organization: Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
    Aiming at the goal of PCSA, which is to help victims of sexual assault, I propose through this, add a feature to the application, which enables a...
  • payal97

    [portal] Completion of Systers Portal Meetup App
    Organization: Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
    After Meetup Everywhere was discontinued, Systers needed a Meetup app within the Systers Portal. This project was started last year but several...
  • Nelson Liu

    [scikit-learn] Addition of various enhancements to the tree module by completing stalled pull requests.
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    Scikit-learn (as of this writing, 3/17/2015) currently has 435 opened pull requests and 699 issues. This project is an attempt to take some of the...
  • Fabio Vitor

    A Centralized Library for Convex Optimization and Integration of CVXPY with ILOG CPLEX
    Organization: CVXPY
    This project proposal formalizes my intention on helping CVXPY in creating and implementing a new library to centralize the shared functionality from...
  • xiaolei

    A Clustering-based Analysis Tool for Anomaly Detection at Large Scale
    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe )
    Security is a serious problem nowadays. Anomaly Detection might be a good answer to the problem. As the amount of data becomes extreme large, normal...
  • martidi

    A complete photogrammetric OSSIM tool for automatic DSMs generation using multi-view optical and SAR images
    Organization: OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    My project proposal concerns the improvement and the implementation of new functionalities for the OSSIM plug-in that I developed in the last two...
  • ljwolf

    A Core Datamodel for PySAL
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The way PySAL users interact with geographic data is directly tied to manipulating unlabeled Numpy arrays. With Pandas readily available for most...
  • xingguo

    A generic computational framework for biconvex minimization toolbox in R
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Estimations of a large family of statistical models can be casted as optimizing biconvex functions over given (bi)convex sets. Our goal in this...
  • Vincent Bohlen

    A Hybrid Classifier/Rule-based Event Extractor for DBpedia Proposal
    Organization: dbpediaspotlight
    In modern times the amount of information published on the internet is growing to an immeasurable extent. Humans are no longer able to gather all the...
  • Kartik Gupta

    A Job Running Client for AcousticBrainz
    Organization: MetaBrainz Foundation
    Allowing users to run jobs on their own machines and submit the result.
  • Edgar Riba

    A Modern Deep Learning module
    Organization: OpenCV
    Nowadays, deep learning is the hip topic inside the computer vision community. Many authors have demonstrated that using deep neural networks in...
  • shad0w_

    A module system for Hammer.js
    Organization: jQuery Foundation
    The advantages of organizing a program into several files or modules are similar to authors organizing a book into several chapters and sections. The...
  • Basil

    A new graphical tool for deploying components
    Organization: Robocomp
    Two main reason for this to be an important idea. (1) Sometimes we will have to work with component networks which contains hundreds ...
  • Aviral Dasgupta

    A plugin system for vector-web, with listing and configuration support.
    Organization: Matrix.org
    This proposal aims to develop a flexible plugin system for vector-web along with productivity enhancing plugins based on the same system.
  • mate

    A private and secure auctioning library
    Organization: GNU Project
    This project is about developing a secure and private auctioning library incorporating an algorithm by Felix Brandt. We modified the algorithm to use...
  • Lodovico Giaretta

    A replacement of std.xml for the Phobos standard library
    Organization: D Foundation
    XML is probably the most used storage and interchange format for structured and semi-structured data, being also used for object serialization and...
  • NeoRaider

    A schema-based configuration system for OpenWrt
    Organization: Freifunk
    I'd like to create an alternative to OpenWrt's UCI configuration system, improving on the following points: Structured (JSON-based) configuration...
  • arnav dhamija

    A staging area to improve selecting files in Dolphin
    Organization: KDE
    Selecting multiple files in any file manager for copying and pasting has never been a pleasant experience, especially if the files are in a...
  • ranveeraggarwal

    A VTK-based UI for DIPY
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The broad idea is to develop widgets from scratch over the existing DIPY elements, which allow interaction with these elements. These futuristic...
  • Abhinand

    Abhinand GSoC Proposal : Extension for page creating/editing notification
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    This project aims in developing a MediaWiki extension that provides a much greater range of notification options related to page creation and editing.
  • Tomasz Flendrich

    Abstracting device address allocation
    Organization: Libvirt
    Libvirt provides a common and stable layer to securely manage domains (instances of operating systems) on a node (single physical machine). When...
  • Dinuka De Silva

    Accessible, Responsive Music UI Controls
    Organization: Inclusive Design Institute
    With the introduction of the Web Audio API and music frameworks such as Flocking, it's possible to make music and develop custom instruments entirely...
  • prnk28

    Accuracy Review of Wikipedia
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    This project aims to provide editors with an easy mechanism to find and review inaccurate content in Wikipedia articles. The aim is to achieve this...
  • ssk1328

    Add "hardware mixing" support to HDMI2USB firmware
    Organization: TimVideos.us
    This project aims at the development of a hardware mixer block in the HDMI2USB firmware which can implement mixing of the two input pixel stream as...
  • Kevin Clancy

    Add class-based object-oriented programming to Typed Lua
    Organization: LabLua
    This project seeks to design and implement a class system for Typed Lua which will replace its current class definition style. It should feel like a...
  • Pulkit_Gupta

    Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick)
    Organization: KDE
    GCompris is an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. This project aims at creating two more...
  • Stefan Toncu

    Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick)
    Organization: KDE
    GCompris is a high quality educational software suite that aims to develop children’s skills and knowledge while playing very entertaining...
  • Katerina Koukiou

    Add libvirt support for LXC migration.
    Organization: Libvirt
    Migration has become an important feature in the virtualization world. In severs, it is used for load balancing, updating and replacing hardware,...
  • Janaka

    Add MongoDB to Tajo Storage
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Tajo currently embeds HDFS, S3, Openstack, HBase, RDBMS storage plugins, so users can connect those data sources to Apache Tajo. The project...
  • Pranjal Bhor

    Add MuPDF support to cups-filters for a lightweight mobile printing stack
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    The current PDF renderer in cups-filters, namely Ghostsscript and Poppler, are much heavy weight to mobile devices as compared to MuPDF which is...
  • Muhammad Talha Paracha

    Add Password-based Public-key Encryption to Drupal 8
    Organization: Drupal
    The goal of this project is to provide a role-based data encryption feature for securely storing highly sensitive data in Drupal 8. Accordingly,...
  • eklavya

    Add Python 3 support and type hints
    Organization: Zulip Open Source Project
    In this project I will add Python 3 support to Zulip, without breaking Python 2 compatibility. I will also add type annotation (see PEP 483 and PEP...
  • bhimanshu

    Add SCSI passthrough to CTL
    Organization: FreeBSD
    CTL is the FreeBSD SCSI target layer. There are various SCSI commands, but it's usually used for block-level access. This projects focuses on making...
  • Wolthera

    Add softproofing and wide-gamut colour selector to Krita
    Organization: KDE
    Most consumer screens can only show a limited amount of colour, this we generally refer to as the sRGB space. Wide gamut editing is about editing...
  • Iván Lomba

    Add support for arbitrary CPU and RAM in the ComputeService (jclouds-482)
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    This project will add support for arbitrary CPU and RAM in the ComputeService on JClouds. Some providers do not have the hardware profiles concept...
  • Dampir

    Add support for lookup by repository ID throughout GitHub APIs
    Organization: GitHub
    The GitHub API supports looking up repositories by owner and name, but a secondary API exists which supports looking up repositories by their numeric...
  • blorente

    Add support for MacVenture games via WebVenture engine
    Organization: ScummVM
    The ScummVM project currently does not support the original MacVenture games developed for the Macintosh 128k. However, there is already a modern...
  • Supun Wanniarachchi

    Add support to end-to-end testing in the Mobile app
    Organization: Moodle
    The main objective of this particular GSoC project is add more tests to the app( MOBILE-1179) and document the set-up process in the Moodle...
  • Carlos I. Colombana

    Add tests and educational games support to gvSIG Educa.
    Organization: OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    The main idea behind this project is to develop addons which allows to create/play tests and educational games. Also generate documentation specially...
  • Ankush Mishra

    Add the ability to sync events from CalDAV to Apache OpenMeetings Calendar
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The project will add the ability to sync events from OpenMeetings Calendar and iCal/CalDAV Protocol. OpenMeetings is a Web-Conferencing and...
  • malayaleecoder

    Add Varnam support into Indic Keyboard
    Organization: Indic Project
    Varnam is an open source, cross platform transliteration module. Through this project Varnam would extend it's service to Android through the...
  • vishnuv

    Adding Incompressible Fluids EOS to FPROPS
    Organization: ASCEND
    A wide range of research and engineering applications involve computing the thermodynamic properties of substances that are in the incompressible...
  • Jose Carrasco Mora

    Adding PaaS support to Brooklyn
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The Apache open-source-project Brooklyn is a multi- cloud application management platform. Brooklyn can manage the provisioning and deployment of...
  • Suraj Ponugoti

    Adding SCSI passthrough to CTL
    Organization: FreeBSD
    The purpose of this project is to export physical SCSI devices with all their features over iSCSI through CTL as an actual SCSI target.
  • Devang Gaur

    Adding search to more moodle components
    Organization: Moodle
    The project aims to extend the scope of Moodle's GlobalSearch to more moodle components. The GlobalSearch feature enables the user to search faster...
  • Fabian Kristof

    Adding support for the FITS data format in LabPlot
    Organization: KDE
    Currently LabPlot provides no support on the handling of FITS files. The aim of this project is to provide support for FITS files, and to enable...
  • srajangarg

    Adding to SymEngine's Polynomial functionality and interfacing it with FLINT & Piranha
    Organization: SymPy
    This project deals with introducing much needed functionality to the SymEngine polynomial module. It improves upon the already existing univariate...
  • Nash Vail

    Adding UI components to Chassis framework
    Organization: jQuery Foundation
    Chassis aims at defining open standards for various CSS/JS libraries and the web in general. The project aims to complete and deliver base styles...
  • rnikhil275

    Admin Center, Elasticsearch integration for Sailor and Luagoogle
    Organization: LabLua
    The admin center would be pivotal in utilizing the autogen functions and a configuration file editor would make it easy for the end user to edit conf...
  • Shubham Patel

    Admin Panel Customization in Book-a-Nook
    Organization: Berkman Center for Internet and Society
    Book-a-Nook is an online platform where a user can look up for available community spaces like libraries and make reservation requests to the admin....
  • Aidana

    Adopt an unreleased Kazakh-English language pair
    Organization: The Apertium Project
    These days the translating text automatically by using machine translation is very important, because it helps people from whole world to understand...
  • Ujitha Perera

    Advanced Searching and Sorting Tool for publiclab.org
    Organization: Public Lab
    Develop a service(set of classes within the project) for searching and sorting to output advanced nested results by prioritising tags and power tags...
  • Idel Pivnitskiy

    AeroGear WebPush and UnifiedPush Server integration
    Organization: JBoss Community
    The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server is a powerful and scalable server that allows sending push notifications to different (mobile) platforms. And now...
  • GerardGarcia

    AF_VSOCK packet capture in Linux and Wireshark
    Organization: QEMU
    Zero-configuration communication between the QEMU hypervisor and its guests can be achieved using the virtio-serial device. Virtio-serial has several...
  • varun_raiko

    Aggregate Stored Funtions
    Organization: MariaDB
    Most of the current databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, HSQL support the notion of CREATING AGGREGATE FUNCTIONS . This notion is missing from MariaDB,...
  • zma

    Ahmia search engine for hidden services
    Organization: The Tor Project
    Ahmia is a working search engine that indexes, searches, and catalogs content published on Tor Hidden Services. Furthermore, it is an environment to...
  • jyeray

    Alternatives YaST Module
    Organization: openSUSE
    Most of the GNU/Linux distributions have a GUI for managing update-alternatives. In this proposal, I suggest to develop an Alternatives YaST Module...
  • Hannah Pedersen

    Amazon Echo Recipe Integration
    Organization: Portland State University
    As someone who loves to cook, I wish that the Amazon Echo could provide recipes while cooking so this summer I'll be working to integrate an open...
  • asla

    AMD IOMMU interrupt remapping and other improvements
    Organization: QEMU
    This project aims to get the current AMD IOMMU patches merged into Qemu as well as introduce interrupt remapping support to the current AMD IOMMU...
  • coderabhishek

    Ammonite - Better Scripts in Scala
    Organization: Scala
    Ammonite is an improved Scala REPL supporting convenient and robust File System operations and Typesafe bash scripting coming over lot of sloppiness...
  • Victor Dias

    An automatic generator of WSDL documents to LuaSOAP
    Organization: LabLua
    A fully automatic generator of WSDL documents to LuaSOAP composed by a generation module and a parameter based script. This will improve the LuaSOAP...
  • dash95

    An integrated graphical environment for visual inspection and filtering of time-series for astronomy
    Organization: Timelab Technologies Ltd.
    The project involves building an integrated graphical environment for visual inspection filtering of time-series for astronomy . With the progress of...
  • Rajan Maurya

    Android Field Operations App Version 3
    Organization: Mifos Initiative
    The Mifos Android Client is currently in version 2. Recently, significant new enhancements including refactoring, implementation of material design,...
  • masterflorin

    Android istSOS client
    Organization: OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    Firstly, the aim of the project is to develop an Android App for the istSOS project. In order to achieve that objective, a main goal will be to...
  • Chirayu Desai

    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian Project
    Android is the most widely used free, open source mobile operating system. The tools used to create applications for the platform are also open...
  • Mouaad Aallam

    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian Project
    The Android platform is free software, including the tools used for developing apps for Android. Debian-derivatives are already a preferred platform...
  • Kai-Chung Yan

    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian Project
    Improve the existing Android SDK packages in Debian and bring in more of them. Get existing SDK packages migrated into Testing Finish packaging SDK...
  • Fossa

    AngularJS Community App Enhancements
    Organization: Mifos Initiative
    The AngularJS Community App is the standard application on the Mifos X platform that provides all the core functionality for the most common methods...
  • Faizan Khan

    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Animint package in R allows animated data visualization using ggplot syntax. It is a useful tool for obtaining an intuitive understanding of patterns...
  • Justin W. Flory (jflory7)

    Ansible and the Community (or automation improving innovation)
    Organization: Fedora Project
    The What The Community Blog is becoming an important part of the Fedora Project. This site is a shared responsibility between CommOps and the...
  • Kaide Mu

    Apache Cassandra: Make streaming operations resumable
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Cassandra provides different operations which involves streaming within different nodes and data centers like bootstrap, rebuild, decommission...
  • cihad guzel

    Apache CouchDB datastore implementation for Apache GORA
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Gora open source framework provides an in-memory data model and persistence for big data. Gora supports persisting to column stores, key value...
  • bsikander

    Apache Hama benchmark against Spark and Flink
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Distributed system performance benchmarks are an important source of information for decision makers who must choose the right technology for their...
  • Tao Lin

    Apache Spark: Build monitoring UI and related infrastructure for Spark SQL and structured streaming
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    As more efforts have been made to Spark SQL, there are more demands on providing more information and metrics through Spark UI in an effective way....
  • Tushar

    Apache SYNCOPE-809
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The SYNCOPE-809 feature request points out the lack of a plugin for IDEs to allow users to create and edit mail templates and report stylesheets in...
  • Menaka

    Apache VXQuery - Fully integrate Lucene Indexing into VXQuery
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The wide use of XML for document management and data exchange has created the need to query large repositories of XML data. Apache VXQuery is...
  • Paul Bustios

    Apache Zeppelin Notebooks
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Zeppelin is becoming a popular web-based notebook for exploratory data analytics due to features like pluggable interpreters and custom GUIs...
  • Kira

    Apertium website improvements
    Organization: The Apertium Project
    New features provide benefits both to Apertium users and Apertium team. Apertium website users will get the improved tool which provides a new...
  • tiefling-cat

    Apertium Weighted Transfer Rules
    Organization: The Apertium Project
    The idea of the task is to implement a mechanism of resolving transfer rule conflicts using previously obtained rule weights. The tool for obtaining...
  • kiran4399

    API support for Beaglebone Blue
    Organization: BeagleBoard.org
    The aim of the project is to create easy-to-use APIs for the hardware on the BB Blue. This would consist of developing/improving kernel drivers for...
  • Gunjan Shrivastava

    App development for infectious microbial genomics
    Organization: Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics
    I will be developing a browser based interactive application for microbial genomic information using Webassembly, which will help in serving as a...
  • Cpt. Crispy Crunchy

    Application for City Generation and dynamic Simulation
    Organization: MovingBlocks
    A conceptual framework for a population based city simulation is developed in this proposal. Concrete implementation approaches for the steps...
  • lucasmoura

    AppRecommender - integration with AppStream
    Organization: Debian Project
    AppRecommender is a recommender system for Debian packages. Currently, this application can only be run through terminal commands. The idea of this...
  • Marcos Pividori

    Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
    Organization: mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library
    Mlpack provides an extensible, flexible exact nearest neighbor search implementation, with the ability to do dual-tree k-NN search. However, there is...
  • mentekid

    Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search: Implementation of Multiprobe LSH and LSH Tuning
    Organization: mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library
    Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search solutions become appealing in problems where dimensionality increases. Locality Sensitive Hashing is a popular...
  • DonKult

    APT↔dpkg communication rework
    Organization: Debian Project
    APT-based tools work with the user to figure out how their system should look like after they are done installing/removing packages and their...
  • El-Mohr

    Arduino to PULPino library porting
    Organization: lowRISC
    PULPino is an open-source microcontroller system, based on a small 32-bit RISC-V core. Importing Arduino Libraries to PULPino architecture should...
  • mvlabat

    Ark project: Implement advanced editing of archives
    Organization: KDE
    Ark is an archive manager. For now it has lack of adding content to certain folder, moving, deleting and copying functionality. I'd like to propose...
  • nocturnalastro

    Astropy: Bridge sherpa and astropy fitting
    Organization: OpenAstronomy
    Both astropy and Sherpa (https://github.com/sherpa/sherpa/) provide modeling and fitting capabilities; however, Sherpa’s features are way more...
  • gulic

    Asynchronous lifecycle events for storage objects
    Organization: Libvirt
    The purpose of the project is to implement asynchronous lifecycle events for libvirt’s storage API. Lifecycle events allow applications to get...
  • amaneureka

    ATA/ATAPI drivers AHCI Support
    Organization: ReactOS
    This project is a part of Google Summer of Code 2016 under the organization ReactOS. I proposed an idea of implementing storahci for windows 2003 and...
  • Shekhar Reddy

    Atlas 3.0
    Organization: OpenMRS
    Rewrite the OpenMRS Atlas server backend as a Node.js app presenting a simple RESTful API and Authenticate it against the OpenMRS ID.
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