The aim is to provide features that will be useful in automatic polygonal healing of a mesh, which BRL-CAD essentially represents as a bag of triangles (bot). Defects in meshes occur when we import from one file format to another file format (here .g being the native format). They might also occur due to imprecise arithmetic, modelling transformations, designers’ fault, programming bugs, etc. Some of these are inevitable. Thus we require some programmatic method to heal meshes which are defective. There are quite a few features already present to heal meshes, but these are not sufficient. Hence, the project. Existing features include: removal of unused and exactly duplicate vertices, dangling edges, decimation of edges, and fusing of equivalent faces. The features that will added are: checking manifold connectivity, removal of gaps, T - joints, overlaps, large holes, and degenerate triangles.



Rakshika Bagavathy


  • Daniel Rossberg