DHIS is one of the most popular open source health management information system/framework used by over 47 countries in the world including Sri Lanka. It has two basic architectures embedded in it, mainly the aggregation and tracking. The main functionality of tracker capture app of DHIS2 is to collect and analyze the patient based (individually identifiable) statistical data.

Longitudinal Analysis is an important statistical and public health approach where data gathered over a period of time is visualized for temporal trends. Hence, the gathered data can be analyzed to make conclusions about the behaviour of the tracked subject over a long period, giving accurate picture than a cross sectional visualization. Graphical visualization of analyzed data is widely used technique in longitudinal analysis to make it easier to understand the trends and study the patterns and behaviours of the subject at a single glance.

The goal of this project is to add dynamic longitudinal charting support for DHIS - tracker capture app.




  • Roshan Hewapathirana
  • Pamod Amarakoon