This project aims to demonstrate the new capabilities of the Bluetooth Web API and Physical Web to easily connect and configure a smart device, using Bluetooth Low Energy and a smartphone, with no need to download and install a specific Android/iOS application before.

The scenario will bring forward benefits both for the end users and smart devices manufacturers :

  • No need to develops a mobile application for Android and iOS, reducing the investissement costs (ex for startups)
  • Cheapest hardware, as the smart device will use a BLE SoC instead of a Wifi one. That mean low power consumption too.
  • For the end user, no more application to install.
  • Improved user experience, because no action are needed to interact with the peripheral : auto connection and web page for configuration with extra functionalities thanks to the Cloud web application



Alexis Duque


  • Paco Martin
  • Alexandra Rivero GarcĂ­a
  • Andreu