The primary aim of this project is to improve the cBioPortal’s clinical-timeline. The present implementation ( is pretty rudimentary and there is a lot that can be improved upon. There are many new features that I plan to implement so that the end users and the researchers have better tools for analyzing and visualising the data.

Along with the features, proper unit tests will be written which will help maintain the project better, ensure it doesn’t break anytime and also demonstrate that my code works. Many unattended bugs that the timeline has will also be fixed so that it works smoothly and as expected.

This project will provide a better toolset for clinicians to analyse the patient’s data and that in turn would help society at large. I am really passionate about this project and the fact that my work could affect the lives of millions of cancer patients across the world is highly satisfying and motivating.




  • inodb
  • Hongxin