Majority of people use emails to communicate over the internet and with more more mobile devices coming in different sizes, there is a basic need to make the emails support these different devices. While text emails, work fine on these different sized devices, brilliant looking html based emails suffers, sometime making it impossible to be read on mobile devices. Emails are also the main medium to connect the organization and the participants in CiviCRM.. The project I would like to work on will be “Responsive Layout for Emails” that would include making emails more reliable and readable over different devices by providing a simplified and responsive layouts for email. Considering the situation of current world, 50% of emails open occurs on mobile device and 70% of people delete emails instantly which do not timely render. The main aim of the project would be to let people read emails sent through CiviCRM properly on all of their devices. Also, I would like to propose a more systematic and consistent email mechanism for system generated emails. This will allow end-users to align system emails to the brand of their organization.



Anjali Ujjainia


  • Siddharth Gupta
  • Xavier Dutoit