THE PROBLEM - Many universities do not have a place online for student-student and student-faculty interactions. Some universities do post results, notices etc. on their websites, but it's not easily accessible, and there is no way to notify the students when these uploads are done. Interaction amongst various student bodies, clubs etc. are done through Facebook/ Google groups, which is very inefficient. There is a need for a common platform that can incorporate these things

The idea is to develop a Free & Open source Web application for Universities. Any university should be able to easily deploy this web app on their servers. The platform will provide the following features

Discussion Forums : A place for students and professors to have discussions.

News : A way for the administration to push relevant news to the students

Events: A way for both Faculty and the students to post information about events happening around the campus

Academic notices: These includes exam schedule, time tables and results.

Recruitment Drives: A place where students get to see the placements and internship offers, their eligibility criteria and also a way to apply to them by submitting their resumes.



Pranav Tiwari


  • Avnee Nathani