I would like to work on developing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PySoy. The aim of the IDE is to provide all the features of a text based IDE such as autocompletion, direct execution, e.t.c along with debugging tools.

As a part of the project, I will be using iPython module. It is an extension to the Python interpreter offering additional features. I will be integrating PySoy specific UI and debugging tools to facilitate faster game development.

April 22 - May 23 (Community Bonding Period)

Discuss my ideas comprehensively with the CopyLeft Games community. For the pre-GSOC task, I will be writing the missing bindings and fix bugs (If any) in the necessary widget classes.

May 23 - June 27 (Mid Term Evaluation)

Develop PySoy specific IDE plugin set for Gedit. This includes plugins for autocompletion, direct execution and debugging of scripts from Gedit itself along with a handler created using iPython API.

June 28 - August 23 (Final Evaluation)

Develop Body debugging, Field debugging, and general debugging systems. Create an example PySoy script to demonstrate different features of the IDE.





  • Darrel