NicheToolBox project will be an R package with a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed using shiny framework that aims to facilitate the process of building niche models and estimate the species distributions. To do the above it will incorporate functions to curate species occurrence data (clean duplicated records) and build models to estimate species niches (Bioclim, MaxEnt, Ellipsoid model) and distributions. After building a model the user will have the chance to evaluate its performance using Partial Roc, Confusion matrices and the associated metrics to it. Finally in order to make the process of niche modeling transparent, the application will have an option to download a workflow (in html, pdf and .doc) with the code that reproduces all the analysis that the user has made inside the application; this workflow can be shared with users interested to learn how to make a niche model using the R language.




  • Vijay Barve