With the existing implementation, mapping and editing public transportation routes is a labor-intensive task, which demotivates mappers. The correctness of the resulting routes is not ensured. Furthermore, many of the already mapped routes are in need for validation and correction. The proposed GSoC project will provide the functionality for a more convenient editing of public transport routes either by creating new ways between stops with a routing algorithm or by replicating them from existing public transport routes. Furthermore, it will elaborate criteria of route correctness and validate the existing routes against those criteria. There are Python scripts written by Polyglot to find ways that belong to a route described by its stops and to compare a given route to an already existing route. However, their installation requires additional steps, so for a better usability an extended version of this functionality needs to be implemented as part of the JOSM public transport plugin.





  • Ilya Zverev
  • Polyglot
  • Jorge L√≥pez Fueyo