Mobile Applications and smart devices are becoming an ever more important and ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. Mobile phones represented the first wave of smaller personal computers. And now, as the price of electronics and processing power continues to fall, there is an intersection between sensors and other electromechanical devices and computers that live on the edge of the Internet: close to the source of the data, processing the data locally and sending just what is required to other computers to consume. The vast growing applications of machine-to-machine technology, in general the Internet of Things (IoT), is increasing and changing the future of computing as well as lifestyle of the modern tech driven civilization. The MIT App Inventor along with Raspberry Pi can provide additional functionalities to the developers to build applications to the emerging market of IoT. The Raspberry Pi component in MIT App Inventor can benefit the current and future MIT App Inventor community to exercise their existing knowledge and skills to contribute to the emerging areas of IoT.



Thilanka Munasinghe


  • Will Byrne