JGrasstools is a library which contains a variety of geoprocessing functionalities. It has been used for many GIS framework to provide a comprehensive Java solution for GIS packages for data access, editing, visualization and analysis. On the other hand Geopaparazzi is a standalone mobile app for field data collection. It enables user to collect georeferenced field data. Idea of this proposal is to enable the JGrasstools library to serve as geoprocessing engine using the WPS standard implemented in the ZOO-Project (http://zoo-project.org/). The main task in this proposal would the preparation and conversion of field data from geopaparazzi projects to Web-GIS platform enabling data analysis and sharing. The project will demonstrate and document the methods to deploy WPS using JGrasstools as the geoprocessing engine. As a future possibility, the project would facilitate Web-GIS platform with rich set functionality especially in hydrology and water management needs. The results of this project will be useful for deploying Web application for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) needs.




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