The schedule of Events in OSEM would be the main part of the project. The admin interface to build the schedule page is a simple javascript which does not look very nice, is not integrated in the page, is not mobile friendly and has other issues. Also it would be good to have a schedule proposal page so that administrators can iterate before deciding which version of a schedule to publish (openSUSE/osem#18). Allowing an individual user to build their own schedule for the conference is another feature that would improve user experience (openSUSE/osem#587).

Getting feedback from different types of users (organizers, speakers, visitors) who have participated in the conference is a desirable feature for this project (openSUSE/osem#549).

The splash page can also be improved. In its program section only the tracks and a links to the schedule are shown. Some events could be shown (openSUSE/osem#400), for example the ones that are taking place now, although other alternatives could be considered.





  • Christian Bruckmayer
  • ddemaio
  • Henne