TARDIS has scientific code. While many people working together on various functionalities - there are possibilities for anything to break and go undetected for a long time. It might misbehave at times and detecting it would get very difficult at times. Testing a scientific code like TARDIS is crucial - apart from the main code base, the test suite needs to be up-to-date and should have a good code coverage. This project focuses on development of an extensive test suite - which will stretch and probe many functionalities of TARDIS to make sure everything functions properly. But these test setups are very complex, hence testing is slow and resource extensive. Solution - this testing project ! Enabling slow tests to be run at regular intervals on a dedicated server, generating comparison plots and notification of test status through email - these are the assets which are targeted to be added with TARDIS by completion of the project.



Karan Desai


  • slietzau
  • Ulrich Noebauer