This project concerns the enhancement of the material design UI. With this GSoC program, I would like to complete some functionalities to make radare2 more user-friendly with a smoother learning curve. This UI will enable users to use the radare2 framework through any devices from smartphone, tablet or PC with a modern responsive interface that can be used easily by novices or pro-users. The functionalities developed concerns search functions, the improvement of the several tools (hexdump, disasm...) and the development of the graph module with a new library with the ability to have more representations. This project will also permit the usage of the T command of r2 binary to send and read messages through the UI. In the same way, the scripting area that allows the user to make some automation will be improved to be more friendly and authorize new usages. In resume, this work will allow to improve drastically the comfort in the use of r2.



Gautier GC


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