WSO2 Dockerfiles project contains the Dockerfiles for all the WSO2 products and allows users to build and run Docker images of these products. The Dockerfiles for all the WSO2 products follow a standard structure and can also be customized to cater to specific requirements from various WSO2 projects. The WSO2 Dockerfiles project is still under development; changes are constantly being applied to the codebase by multiple developers of WSO2 community. In order to ensure the availability and robustness of WSO Dockerfiles, we propose to design and implement a general purpose integration test framework for Dockerfiles, which provides features to write and execute integration tests in an effective manner.

Developers will also be able to locally execute all the tests in the integration test suite in order to ensure that their latest change did not break any existing functionalities and there are no regressions. The integration test suite should also be extensible to work in conjunction with continuous integration tools (eg Jenkins), where these tests will be executed as a result of a recent check-in or pull request.



Abhishek Tiwari


  • Chamila
  • Vishanth
  • Imesh Gunaratne