I want to improve the playback capabilities of the music notation software MuseScore. MuseScore ships with two synthesizers Fluidsynth (using the SF format) and Zerberus (using the SFZ Format). I want to improve both of them. The Fluidsynth in MuseScore got forked some time ago - all fixes and improvements that have gone into upstream Fluidsynth which can help MuseScore shall be incorporated. Furthermore legato playback shall be added to Fluidsynth (preferable via Midi CC68). MuseScore's midi rendering will be extended with single note/chord (de)crescendo via Midi CC11. Zerberus is still in its infancy. But the SFZ format grants a lot more flexibility and open design than the traditional SF format. So having a good SFZ synthesizer is the key to better sound in the future. I will focus on adding looping support and ADSR envelopes but as much opcodes as possible shall be incorporated!





  • wschweer