Scilab being a software used worldwide, needs to focus on how its users (potential developers) interact with Scilab and how comfortable they are with using the features provided by Scilab. Scilab already incorporates the facility to make figures such as tables labels etc and allows insertion and manipulation of data. Unfortunately even though the facility is provided the features have been found buggy and not well documented making its usage very limited and which incapacitates the current users and fails to attract new users .There are some most wanted features like spreadsheets, progress bar etc which are not present and are highly wished for by the users of Scilab,and others.

My aim is to improve/upgrade the already existing facility to such a level that the users become very comfortable using it and to further introduce much needed user interface elements in Scilab User Interface Control to make it most favoured software. My work starts with modifying and documenting Uitables and Uitrees and extends upto incorporating ProgressBar. These development would solve major issues with GUI,would attract more users to Scilab and would help in retaining already existing users



Rishubh Jain


  • Pierre-Aimé Agnel
  • Clément DAVID