The What

The Community Blog is becoming an important part of the Fedora Project. This site is a shared responsibility between CommOps and the Infrastructure team. Unlike most applications in the Fedora infrastructure, the Community Blog is not based off Ansible playbooks. Ansible is an open-source configuration management suite designed to make automation easier. Fedora already uses Ansible extensively across its infrastructure.

My task would be migrating the Community Blog (and by extension, Fedora Magazine) to an Ansible-based set up and writing the documentation for any related SOPs.

The Why

In the current set up, the Community Blog and Fedora Magazine are managed separately from each other, and are managed by a single Infrastructure team member. By moving them to Ansible-based installations and merging the WordPress bases together, it adds the following benefits:

  1. Easier for other Infrastructure team members to fix, maintain, or apply updates
  2. Automates by maintaining a single, Ansible-based WordPress install vs. two independent WordPress sites
  3. Creates a standard operating procedure for hosting blog platforms within Fedora (can be used for other extensions in the future)



Justin W. Flory (jflory7)


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