I would love to add the following social media features outlined on the Catrobat Ideas Page:

  • Likes and sharing of programs on the Website with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, E-Mail and WhatsApp (Web)
  • "Upload & share" of Pocket Code programs with Facebook and Google+ (Android)
  • Facebook & Google+-Login for iOS (OAuth for Android has already been added by me)
  • Social Challenging System with Facebook to allow challenging friends with games created in Pocket Code (Android)
  • Add looks and sounds from Facebook, Instagram, flickR and Picasa (Android)
  • Add more social platforms where needed

All details can be found in my proposal on Google Docs.

Further implementations that came up during my GSoC work have been Userbricks and Object Grouping within the Pocket Code app.

  • Userbricks are scripts that are defined by users and can be reused like functions across objects (equivalent to custom blocks in Scratch).
  • Object grouping allows to put single objects semantically together. It basically is an ExpandableListView with Drag&Drop functionality that resides in a Fragment.





  • Anja Petri
  • matthiasmueller
  • Annemarie