loklak is free software hosted on loklak.org which provides message search results from twitter in json format. loklak is a complete search engine back-end solution with a JSON api. What is missing to provide a search web page is a web page design showing the json search results as timeline in the style of a twitter search result. Add features to the existing wall and improve the current timeline so that it becomes a common social platform for social media. Basically it should look like https://twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=fossasia in the right column while the left column has to provided new/other search navigation tools. The data to be presented will all be within the json API of loklak. The timeline web page must also provide - switching off the left navigation columns and switching on self-refreshing which turns the timeline into a twitterwall - some kind of animation when selecting navigation options in the left column (i.e. fade-in and fade-out of select options)





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