Many applications require mechanisms for high speed, real time and continuous data acquisition from a sensor that is essentially an ADC. Most hobbyists would want to use simple devices, rather than high end converters with differential serial interfaces to communicate as these high end devices can be expensive. The typical serial data communication protocols used for this are somewhat limited in terms of speed, while parallel data communication definitely has an advantage of higher speed data transfers.

This GSoC project aims to utilize the two PRUs present in the PRUSS2 subsystem and their low latency architecture to get a fast, generic, parallel analog converter interface, in the form of parallel bus, ready for various applications. The project will provide a ready to use firmware, user-space library, kernel driver, and the subsystem to manage all the parallel data transactions. This will further allow developers to build some cool applications like function generators, oscilloscopes, voltmeter etc.





  • SJLC
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • m_w
  • Hunyue Yau