Dolby TrueHD is one of the lossless audio codecs used on Blu-ray discs. FFmpeg is capable of decoding TrueHD content, but encoding functionality is missing. MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) is a lossless audio codec used on DVDs, and is the basis for TrueHD. A nearly functional MLP encoder had been written in 2009 by Ramiro Polla.

For this project, that encoder is first to be updated to fit into the current codebase of FFmpeg and to be tested for conformance against proprietary MLP encoder(s). Second, the encoder is to be updated to implement TrueHD functionality, allowing it to losslessly encode audio to play it on hardware devices capable of TrueHD decoding. Finally, the encoder is to be brought through the usual reviewing process to hit the codebase at the end of the project.





  • atomnuker