Smart HTTP/2-based protocol for Infinispan.

The Infinispan Server distribution contains a server module that implements Infinispan’s custom binary protocol called Hot Rod. The protocol was designed to enable faster client/server interactions compared to other existing text based protocols and to allow clients to make more intelligent decisions with regards to load balancing, failover and even data location operations.

In 2015 the 2nd version of HTTP protocol (simply HTTP/2) was finally introduced. HTTP/2 provides a lot of features that are also implemented in Hot Rod protocol. For example, using the HTTP/2 will be more preferable than Hot Rod because the size of the requests and responses will be smaller.

Expected results of this project are:

  1. Modify current REST Server endpoint for Infinispan to handle HTTP/2 protocol. Modification will be based on implementing features from Hot Rod protocol to HTTP/2.
  2. Create HTTP client on Java.



Anton Gabov


  • ttarrant