I'm Andrea Torlaschi from Italy.
I've a Bachelor's degree and now i'm studying for a master's degree in "Computer Science and Multimedia" at the University of Pavia.
On GitHub i’m “runnerway”.

I would like to spend this summer by coding for OpenKeychain project as a GSoC work.
Since the first day when the list of the organizations participating to GSoC16 was published i started working on OpenKeychain.
Some of my PRs are already merged and during these weeks i’ve explored a large part of the codebase.
I’m familiar with the code of the UI and with that of the internal operations too, like you can see in those commits.

As written in the complete proposal, i've an idea for a possible GSoC project (or as an preparatory work). But this is not a constraint. Working on other tasks would be equally great. In particular the first four projects listed on your page are pretty interesting. Also "Detached Signatures" would be good but i understand that maybe it's a bit too small for a complete GSoC. Maybe it can be good for the bonding period.

All the other details are present in the complete proposal. Thank you.

I hope to spend the summer on OpenKeychain with a GSoC 2016 project :)




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