Go-Docker is a cluster management tool using Docker as execution/isolation system. It can be seen like Sun Grid Engine/Torque/… Using Bioinformatics dedicated Docker hub as BioShaDock, It allows life scientists to use powerful tools in a easy and secure way while finely managing infrastructures resources. It integrates with container management tools (Docker Swarm, Mesos, ...) to dispatch of the commands on the remote nodes. Galaxy is a user-friendly web platform originally dedicated to life sciences data analysis. If Galaxy provides amazing functionalities to enhance transparency, accessibility and reproducibility of data analysis related processes, there is still opportunities to provide more reproducibility and flexibility in the manner of using this web platform.This project idea is to integrate the Go-Docker system with Galaxy. Integration is to be done in two ways. First, to develop a “Go-Docker Galaxy tool” which will allow the possibility to create / use new on demand “tools” in a Galaxy instance without being an admin and without going to the system black matter. Second, to develop a “Go-Docker executor/runner” which can be used as any other scheduler (i.e. SGE, Torque …).


Varun Shankar S


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