Currently a GRASS GIS user is forced to use Cartographic Composer or use another software (e.g. QGIS) to create hard copy map outputs with all features. The aim of this project is to develop complete basic cartography suite for the wxGUI Map Display so it could serve for most of the science publications. The goal is not to substitute QGIS Cart Comp or similar, it's just about completing all features so the cartography scripting abilities of GRASS GIS and its potential can be fully used.

GRASS GIS contains some modules which would be good to implement into cartography suite for wxGUI Map Display. There are d.barscale, d.graph, d.histogram, d.legend and many other d.* commands to use. There are bugs in some of them and it needs to be fixed(options for map window size). Then there are some modules which need to be enhanced. Legend background is currently transparent -> add an options for opacity, border and corner settings. It's possible to set number of breaks/ticks for legend but values are not rounded -> add an option for manual brakes/ticks, add an option for automatic breaks/ticks (every ten, hundred)




  • Anna Petrasova
  • Vaclav Petras