I am full of enthusiasm about programming visualization and image processing tools to provide a fast prototyping for innovations in statistical methods and imaging informatics.3D Slicer is an open-source medical image computing environment for clinical researchers and it is well designed to extend modules for programmers. In this project, I will develop modules in 3D Slicer to read/write, visualize and process high-resolution images used in digital pathology, which can occupy tens of gigabytes and cannot be comfortably uncompressed into RAM. So far, I have developed a standalone application importing and visualizing the high-resolution large images utilizing PyQt and openslide-python. The interactive front panel is shown in the following Additional Info URL. The image region being visualized is defined by multiple parameters by users. This summer, I will implement scripted modules (Python) incorporating functionalities of Openslide, VTK, Qt, Slice libraries and Medical Reality Markup Language (MRML) to do streaming I/O and sub-region based processing of the images.


Naiyun Zhou


  • Yi Gao