Currently Vox.GL offers the potential to bring a new generation of children into programming, building on the dynamic nature offered by voxel systems and the popularization of Minecraft, these systems provide excellent platforms for getting younger and new programmers working with something they can see and touch. Vox.GL hopes to make these opportunities arrive with software freedom too.

This position requires a clean, functional product to be available, which Vox.GL is currently anything but. As part of GSoC 2016, I will improve functionality of Vox.GL's build system, diagnose and fix existing graphical and input glitches, and push into fleshing out the core framework that will comprise the fully featured Vox.GL ecosystem. This includes entities, levels/chunks, storage, graphics, controllers/input options, packaging, physics and scripting. The completion of GSoC 2016 focuses on five main tasks: Fixing existing bugs, worlds and rendering infrastructure, entities and physics. With additional work as time permits.





  • Arc Riley