syslog-ng is an famous log management infrastructure for users all over the world. Syslog-ng is rightly known as the "Swiss Army Knife of logging" because of its rich filtering capabilities, flexible configuration options. WebSocket protocol is a protocol enabling two-way communication between a client and server over a single TCP connection.
This project will add WebSocket as a destination for syslog-ng. The new destination can send log messages to an WebSocket Server directly. In addition, this project will enable the new destination to act as a WebSocket server, so the WebSocket client (such as a javascript client in a browser) could subscribe directly to it to get log messages. These will make sending log message privately or publicly much easier. This project will add WebSocket as a source for sysnlog-ng. So that it can receive log much more conveniently in some area such as IoT world.



Yilin Li


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