Build a Standalone library / tool to visualise the BLAST results. This tool will be build on Ruby as command line tool.

Types of visualisation

  • Relationship Visualisation will display relationship between query sequence and hits sequences. The circos visualisation will plot alignment which are identical in query and hit sequence. This will help user to understand alignments in query and hit sequence.
  • Length Analysis Visualisation will display the lengths of various hits sequences alongside display the relative length of hits with respective to the query sequence. This will provide a gist of lengths of hits and also an idea about query sequence length.
  • Dotplot visualisation plots a two-dimensional matrix and filling it with shaded blacks if residues of both sequence are identical. This will provide an in-depth idea about similarity of both the sequence. ## Integration with SequenceServer SequenceServer integration of tool enables it to display the result in HTML and readily available to all existing users. It will enable tool in filtering the results on basis of taxonomy and E-value. Select relevant results to download data in GFF3 format and visualisation.




  • Yannick Wurm
  • priyam