Running a huge open wifi network that is split into different network areas needs monitoring to assure an appropriate quality of service to it's users. Until now we just monitor our servers to recognize network bottlenecks and failures. But to assure an appropriate quality of service we also need the users view onto the network.

The goal of this task is to build a software running on low budget OpenWRT-Routers like WR841ND that acts like a client and regulary gathers status data from the clients view onto the network. Some common tasks of this software would be:

  • connect the router as client to a wifi network
  • connect the router to a fallback lan network
  • get a list of network segments from Netmon-SC JSON REST API
  • detect which network segment of the open wifi network the router is in
  • get a list of resources to check based on which network segment the router is in
  • check resources
  • send the data that has been gathered to the Netmon-SC JSON REST API

The software should be build as OpenWRT package and should contain a user interface for the Luci web interface



Jan-Tarek Butt


  • Floh1111