In this project, I propose to create an automated settings guessing feature based on the available samples for coala, a static code-analysis tool. Currently, the user has to manually specify their formatting / standards. With this proposal, this will be completely automated, intelligently guessing the best settings for the project.

As a second part to this project, I intend to integrate this with coala-quickstart, a user-friendly program that helps new users setup the configuration file through simple questions. I also aim to create a feature where default preset standards are packaged for the user to simply choose from quickly without much effort.

As a third optional part to this project, depending on time constraints and availability, I plan to collaborate on a web feature where a user may enter their repository address and coala automatically commits the coafile to their repository after guessing the best settings.


Adhityaa Chandrasekar


  • Makman2
  • Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297)
  • udayan12167
  • ManoranjanP