Hi, I'm Won Wook Song, currently a final year BS student in Seoul National University in Republic of Korea. I'm interested in working on the Apache REEF project for the GSoC 2016 program for the summer.

The reason why I chose this project is because I believe that technology will be able to make people’s lives better and make this globe a better place, and I believe that Big Data technologies will be able to fulfill these goals. With gigantic tides of data today, it is extremely important to process, analyze, and filter these data to make it meaningful. Apache REEF project is a project that contributes to this purpose, and I have found this opportunity to start contributing to fulfill my interests and goals.

I have left comments on a few issues that I have found interesting and I have included more detail on the draft that I have attached to this application. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic about working on this project, and I hope that I could spend my summer building up experience and knowledge through this program.




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