Pocket Science Lab at FOSSASIA aims to develop open source hardware & software technology to improve science education in the developing world. The main component of PSL is ExpEYES, an open source hardware and software framework for developing science experiments. (http://expeyes.in)

This proposal aims to develop open science experiments for various branches of Physics. It also aims to continue improvements in the work done during my GSoC-2015 project “Sensor Plug-ins, Add-on devices and GUI Improvements for ExpEYES” (https://goo.gl/2B2CNO). The sensor plug-ins developed during GSoC-2015 project will be used for designing new low-cost experimental set-ups.

The new development that will be undertaken is adding wireless node module for accessing sensors with PSL. This will enable PSL to fetch data from various sensors wirelessly and it will be useful in many experiments involving oscillatory and rotatory motions. Development of low cost modules for characterization in Physics research for example - study of sound and light absorption, measurement of thermal conductivity etc, is yet another important feature of this project.





  • MarioB
  • gisc
  • Tabesin
  • Lorenz
  • EVUS