With the introduction of the Web Audio API and music frameworks such as Flocking, it's possible to make music and develop custom instruments entirely using Web technologies.

A variety of user interface component libraries, such as Nexus UI, jQuery Kontrol, Interface.js and G200K's Polymer controls, have been developed to assist in the creation of musical interfaces. However, the majority of them aren't very "web-like." Many are based on Canvas or bitmap images, and aren't compatible with responsive design techniques, can't be easily re-styled or customized using tools like CSS, and aren't accessible via the keyboard or with assistive technologies such as a screenreader.

This project will involve the creation of a small collection of high-quality, responsive, SVG or DOM-based musical user interface controls such as knobs, sliders, x/y pads, button matrices, envelope editors, waveform viewers.


Dinuka De Silva


  • sepidehshahi
  • Simon Bates
  • michelled