loklak_depot is a new product, which aims to be a platform, for all things data. The big-picture aim is to:

  1. using the data loklak scrapes from Twitter, and use / scrape data from other sources.
  2. Generate a system working on NLP which accept input regarding the above data in Natural Language, and display it. This system, named AskSusi, is proficient of doing stuff that Google Search does, in addition it displays more results from data scraped from other websites. It will also be integrated as a bot on Slack, Messenger etc.
  3. Integrate third-party applications like WooCommerce, and create on-sale crawlers (like DiffBot), and enable customers to utilise those data dumps.
  4. Create an accounts system to enable authenticated clients (using AAA provisioning) to access the NLP system, the loklak apps including third-party, and also enable them to use APIs which aren't directly accessible on loklak (yellow and red level accessibility).
  5. Add IoT support and website plugins.

My work will focus on developing the main loklak_depot functionality, specifically work on the Secure Accounts and AAA system, on developing AskSusi and make them use the data scraped, and fix server issues in general.



Shiven Mian


  • Orbiter