The CTAG face2|4 Audio Card is a multichannel I2S soundcard based on the AD1938 audio codec by Analog Devices. Currently the soundcard can only be used with a BeagleBone Green/Black. Due to CPU intensive calculations in digital audio the BeagleBoard-X15 seems to be a perfect alternative to realize more complex audio effects and synthesizers and achieve lower latencies. Moreover the BeagleBone-X15 (TI AM5728 SoC) offers two separate DSPs (C66x) which can be used to offload cpu-intensive multimedia tasks in asymmetric multiproccesing (AMP) configurations. The goal of the project is to port the soundcard drivers to the BeagleBoard-X15 and create an user-space library to make use of C66x DSPs via TI OpenCL and TI DSPLIB.



henrix (Henrik Langer)


  • Vladimir Pantelic
  • Robert Manzke