The purpose of the project is to implement asynchronous lifecycle events for libvirt’s storage API. Lifecycle events allow applications to get notifications about the state of the object, as well as for object creation, deletion etc, without having to pull libvirt at regular intervals asking for the state of the VM. This implementation will also include adding support to virt-manager for storage events. Also, part of the project is extending from libvirt-python to watch for storage events and print messages about them, as well as add asynchronous event support for nodedev objects. Also extending the python API for the implementation in virt-manager and libvirt-python. After the implementation of the storage API, project includes implementation of asynchronous event support for nodedev objects, followed by extending the python API, implementation in virt-manager and in libvirt-python. When this part is finished, I'll continue working on nodedev, and add event support for udev and netcf drivers.





  • Cole Robinson