Organizing an event like a Conference or a technical festival is not an easy task. Here’s where the need for a software platform to assist the team in managing the various aspects of the event arises.

And I believe Open-Event could be the answer to that. Open-Event Organizer server shouldn’t just be for adding/editing and accessing the sessions, speakers, tracks, etc. It should also be able to assist the organizers in planning the event, managing it, and post-event documentation.

  1. OAuth 2.0 authentication for the API
  2. Proper tests for the API
  3. Proper documentation
  4. API page will be loading all available endpoints automatically
  5. Ticketing and sales.
  6. Support for organizers to link their Stripe/PayPal account to receive payments when tickets are sold
  7. Graphical interactive scheduler for scheduling sessions into their respective rooms and timings
  8. Invoicing generation and emailing
  9. Sales statistics, Fees and tax management



Niranjan R


  • triplez
  • Duke Leto
  • Abhishek Batra
  • MarioB
  • Elio Qoshi
  • Oren Golan