OONF (OLSRv2) is a link state routing protocol. It works sending periodical messages to his neighbors with the aim of transmitting information about topology changes. With these information each node of the network is able calculate the paths to reach any other destination. These messages are periodically generated, based on the configuration parameter that regulates the sending interval. A short period will make the network react rapidly but it will also cause a large overhead due to control messages. Pop Routing is a recent technique that takes advantage of the knowledge of the network topology to find the optimal value for the OONF’s timers. Using Pop Routing every node computes its own “betweenness centrality” and uses it to calculate the optimal trade-off between convergence and overhead. The algorithm has been developed at the UniTN and the needed libraries to compute the BC are available as free software. My goal is to build a daemon that can calculate autonomously the BC of the network, together with a plugin for OONF that will use this value to tune its timers.





  • Leonardo Maccari