This idea will focus on the development of web based GUI for the Grass “WebGrass” where people can use Grass modules through a web browser without actually installing GRASS. GRASS will be running on a server. The user interface will be built using wt web toolkit. Wt provides C++ API for developing web widgets. Wt is a page based framework. This means the web application written in Wt has are close to be alike desktop application. Wt’s Singal slot mechanism inspired from Qt allows to connect events from Wt widget to javascript calls. Also this can be the first step in making a Enterprise wide FOSS4G tool where GRASS is running on the server and user can use it with any client, processing being done on the server. In future, a cloud based application deployment can be done.


Mayank Agrawal


  • Massimo Di Stefano
  • rashadkm