The Taverna suite is consist of Taverna Engine, which handles both Taverna Workbench and the Taverna Server. Taverna Server is used to execute remote workflows and workbench provides GUI for create, run, import workflows.​This concept allow scientists who has limited knowledge in computing, limited technical resources to do complex process on Data. Also Taverna engine can be run on standard Windows, Linux or Mac OS. At the moment Taverna workflows are constructed using SCULF2 API. So, Tavera Engine can’t execute other workflows other than Taverna workflows. This is where CWL comes in ,The Common Workflow Language (CWL)​. ​CWL allows one description of a workflow to be run on multiple different platforms as long as they all support CWL. " CWL builds on technologies such as JSON­LD and Avro for data modeling and Docker for portable runtime environments ". The project mission is to bring CWL UI support in the Workbench which is a graphical way to build workflows and one of the steps in Add Common Workflow Language support to Taverna.


Thilina Manamgoda


  • Stian Soiland-Reyes