My proposal is about improving the current search functionality in GNOME Logs.

The current search functionality doesn't have any graphical option to specify from which journal field (PID, GID, process name, systemd unit etc.) the user would like to search the logs. Also, it lacks a filter to specify the date-time (timestamp) range of the journal between which the user would like to see the logs.

So, for this purpose, a search popover will be added besides the search entry where the user can select the journal field and the journal timestamp range filters. The user will also be able to enter a custom journal timestamp range in a submenu in the search popover. The search popover will also support an option to match the exact string or match in any part of the entered string.

A search provider will be implemented for GNOME Logs to expose the search results to GNOME Shell using a shell search provider D-Bus API. The user can see the logs related to the entered search term in the GNOME Shell overview using this functionality.When the user clicks on a search provider result, a new window will open showing the details of the selected log.



Pranav Ganorkar


  • David King