The focus of my project is to make the process of learning a new language less intrusive for a user. This involves two primary changes to the existing Mind the World Chrome extension - UI revamp and enhancing the core functionalities. User interface and user experience play a critical role in learning anything. The first part of the project will build a completely new Material UI for all the views of the extension viz. Popup, Translation settings, Advanced settings and Contribute pages.

The second part of the project is to improvise the core functionality of the extension. This involves the following -

  • Dispersed word translation
  • Complete sentence translations
  • Support for Google and Bing Translate
  • Easy whitelisting of words and websites
  • Automated deferring of translation for words and websites

All these features simplify the user’s learning experience and work towards achieving the aim of Mind the Word i.e. to provide an immersive language learning experience.




  • Bruno W P