Rogas is based on a conceptual view of network analytics, where two families of topological constructs have been introduced and implemented for network analytics query processing. The two constructs introduced in Rogas are: CLUSTER-BY and RANK-BY, which play an important role in analyzing the topological structure that lies beneath based entities and relationships. However, local community search queries are still needed in Rogas framework. In a local community search query, the objective is to find the communities that are associated with a given set of query vertices. Implementation of local community search functionality needs careful modeling into NAER model as well.

The proposed project aims at adding the local community search functionality into Rogas. This makes Rogas a more general framework that covers a broader range of network analytics applications. Moreover, this project aims at implementing and instantiation of three local community detection techniques chosen from the state-of-the-art ones in the field of network analytics. This can bring Rogas a new level of functionality with a more detailed coverage of network analytics applications.