With the development of software container technology, developers can manage and deploy their software effectively. The software can start up and run on the container more and more quickly. The Dockstore is a platform for users to share tools encapsulated in Docker. Furthermore, in order to share tools as seamlessly as possible, GA4GH create a set of APIs for the biology scientists. In this project, I would like to make the Dockstore support these APIs. In this way, people can create their tools based on the APIs so that their tools can be work with others’ tools seamlessly. It will absolutely help the cooperation between scientists due to they can create their tools based on or cooperate with others’ more easily. Our project has three main goals. The first is to communicate with GA4GH community so as to decide the APIs standard and their implementations. Then, I need to implement and test these APIs with java so that the Dockstore can support the APIs. The last goal is realize cross indexing of tools across all sites that support the standard. When finish cross indexing, Dockstore can search all the tools from all websites which support the standard.




  • briandoconnor