Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard way of representing business processes in graphical representation.The purpose of this project is to implement Web based BPMN editor to construct business processes diagrams, which can be exported as a BPMN-2.0 compatible XML format . This BPMN diagrams can be built using components like tasks, events and gateways etc. Users can implement their BPMN diagrams by dragging, dropping, positioning, resizing, deleting and adding more details to the attributes. Constructed BPMN diagrams can be then exported as png/jpeg or a process definition XML file(BPMN 2.0 standard).BPMN editor also supports the inverted process, which is uploading of a standard BPMN model in XML format to generate a BPMN process diagrams.

This piece of software has the capability to build complete Business process diagrams and is also extensible to allow the construction of flow charts, chevron charts and other graph-based diagrams.



Heshan Jayasinghe


  • Isuru Wijesinghe