Servo has support for Web Workers, and the new Fetch Api whose development is in progress is another new standard, that aims to replace XMLHttpRequest (XHR), and provides a cleaner api for anything involving requests and responses.The Fetch api spec also has a subsection which details on handling fetch calls within a service worker context. Spec Service Workers are the new standard, for modern web apps, which aims to bring native app like experience to browser based apps, by providing a programmable api, for caching certain paths of pages, ,manipulating routing within an application,intercepting network requests according to user logic.

Servo has a partial implementation of Fetch api, but the Service Worker api’s are currently missing and if implemented, Servo will be able to intercept network calls made from within the Service Worker’s context, the “handle_fetch” subsection of the Fetch Spec, is to be implemented. Spec

My project is to have a partial implementation of the new Service Worker Api and its helper interfaces, in Servo. The project is focused on working on parts of the Service Worker Specification which revolves around intercepting network requests.