Live Migration is a process of moving a running virtual machine from one physical system to another. There are usually two ways, precopy and postcopy. Postcopy migration is used for virtual machines which have a high memory dirtying rate, (higher than the bandwidth of the network that will be used to perform migration). The disadvantage of postcopy migration is, if there is a network failure then we are left with an inconsistent vm at both the source and the destination side. The aim of this project is to recover from the network failure, and complete the migration process. The project will include completing the process of sending the leftover memory pages. Project would start by making sure that the threads do not fail at both the source and destination end. This would be followed by re-establishing the network connection between the source and the destination. After this is done, the migration process is restarted. The vCPUs on the destination side were suspended due to page faults, so these pages are transferred first. Followed by the rest of the leftover pages on the source side.





  • Dave Gilbert